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what you feed grows

Todd Jirecek

Its a simple fact that what you feed grows. This need to be nurtured and cared for if they are to grown into something good. SO, you just have to figure out what it is you want to grow. Is it a relationship, a business plan, or even a friendship? So lets look at how to grow something and what you need to do to feed it.


Growing a relationship is important if you want the relationship to grow and get stronger. Many people make the mistake of not putting time into the relationship to grow it to a point where it becomes stronger. You have to put the time in for love and loving on someone and making them as happy as you can for it to get to that point. I have learned the hard way. I had a relationship 3 hrs apart from a woman I loved very much and I had too much going on and I didn’t spend the time in the relationship like I should have. As a result, I lost a woman I loved very much. And it was very hard for me to get over but I eventually did.

If I would of taken the time to go where she was at and really grow that relationship, we may still be together to this day. But I chose another path and she left me. It was the hardest thing I ever got over. And it took me around 2 years to feel better.

So always take the time to feed a relationship and grow it as best you can. I mean things like making love and laying on the couch together watching a movie and holding each other. These are all things that can help a relationship get to a stronger point.

Always make sure when you get home from work to love that person as much as you can so they feel the love. Do things like buy flowers and more. This will make them feel loved. Most of all do not ignore that person and try your best to not get mad at them and talk to them if things feel wrong.

Building a friendship

If you want a friendship to grow you also need to feed it. Again, what you feed grows. And friendships are no different. They can take time to grow and get to a fully trusting point. Having friends is important in your life. Have you even been betrayed by a friend? Then you know the feeling that it causes and how much it can hurt.

For a friendship to grow all the way you have to be loyal to your friends. But if your friends are not loyal to you then you will need to mak the decision of you want to keep that friend or not.

Feeing the friendship will take spending time together annd doing things like going to dinner and just hanging out. Spending time with your friend can really take it to another level.

Building a Business

Building a business can be a huge task to undertake. It truly takes time to grow it into something that will make you money. As witjh anything what you feed grows and your business is no different.

For a business you have to plan and take massive action to get it off the ground and many times it takes money as well and reinvsting into the business.

You also have to feed it daily and work it sometimes until you are tired. Many people have done this, they worked day and night and slept in their office just to get the business going. You will have to figure out if this is what it will take for your business. This is because you will do all the marketing, planning and more.

Feeding Anything In Life

If you want anything to grow in your lifetime you will have to feed it until it grows. This really goes for anything in life. Always take the time to figure out what you want to grow and make a plan for it. A plan is always important so do not overlook it.

Just figure out what you need to do to actually grow what it is you want. This way you will know the steps in order to make it grow.

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