How to do Affirmations Easily Accomplish Your Goals In 2022

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If you are looking at changing your brain then we will show you the steps you need to take in order to perform and learn how to do affirmations.

Affirmations can be a very simple thing to start but most people make it much harder than it needs to be. It’s more about how often you do them than anything else.

What Are Affirmations

Affirmations for success can be key to finding happiness, a new career, a better love life, and more. They really can help provide you with the things you are looking for to make a much better life for yourself. Psychology Today magazine says affirmations can shift your perspective.

They work by training your mind to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts. These affirmations can also work for anxiety or even for your work and career.

If you sit and think about it, there are many times in our life when we are quite negative about a situation. And, we may not know it but we will repeat these negative thought affirmations thoughts over and over again. Learning how to do affirmations can really help.

human brain neurons

And our brains pick up on any statement we tell it. So, pretty soon, you have nothing but negative thoughts and this brings on limiting beliefs. And these limits drown us from performing to our full potential.

These may have been things you learned to do back in school where your subconscious mind took over. Or these thoughts can be things you learned from past relationships.

Either way, your universe does not have to limit you from opportunities because of past challenges. Science now reveals to us that change is possible over your fears and obstacles.

Your well-being can be changed through repetition and attitude. You just have to learn against the current resistance of the way your mind functions currently over past experiences, even if you were angry.

So give yourself the reminder that life can be a variety of feelings that can form our behavior based on an action.

Stockholm Syndrome

If you know anything about Stockholm syndrome this is where a captive person begins to develop an alliance with their captors. This person will do this regardless of any dangers involved.

Now, this usually happens because these people are in a bad situation and they need a way to the coup. And forming an alliance with who is holding them is the way their brain thinks is helping them. The person goes into survival mode.

So, this goes to show you, when the human mind is under extreme stress, the brain tends to go in a different direction. And this should also point out to you, change is possible within you as well.

Prepare To Take Away The Negative Using Affirmations

So, when thinking about things, you need to start by preparing yourself. Just know that in the end, you will have replaced highly negative thoughts with much better stronger ones.

So, before you decide to actually start with affirmations, take a week or so and think about what it is you want to accomplish and how you want to feel.

Usually having a goal or target in life is productive and with how to do affirmations, it’s truly no different.

You might decide to take a week or so and start exercising and while doing so start to think about your goals and even start by saying some positive thoughts to yourself.

Think about it, when you start working out you don’t just go to the gym once, and then you are done. You have to work up to things. It may take a few weeks before you are much stronger and can do more.

Learning how to do affirmations works in much the same way as working out. Just remember to set a time limit on your warm-up period.

Start To Use Positive Affirmations Statements

Even if you are at the stage of thinking about things still, you need to start with positive statements when doing affirmations in the morning. Affirmation statements every day in a positive way are just the beginning of abundance and more positive self-esteem for your life.

What you are trying to do here is change your circumstances and open a door to a new perspective.

And positive self-talk is where you will begin to start seeing small changes. And if you are having trouble with thinking on the positive side, then you need to think of what it is you want. What are your desires? Do you desire, wealth, beauty, or just more productivity?

Just starting to think this way should give you a sense of what it will take to accomplish your goal. And if you are having any trouble then you need to think about the outcome you want.

Have More Enthusiasm For Change

After you have started with positive statements, start thinking in a more enthusiastic way. This will give you more power as a result. It may take some time to really have this start kicking in, but with practice, it can become a regular thing.

We are not denying you may have more problems and issues than most. But, if you want to get through these areas, learn these skills. You want to change so you will need to find the inspiration to do so.

Think of this part as a sort of exercise in trying to get rid of unhappiness which learning how to do affirmations will help with. You can find it in yourself but you may have to try a couple of attempts before things start to kick in.

We realize this concept may be new to you and you will make mistakes. But, if you keep trying there will be an instance where you will see a breakthrough.

Examples Of People Who Use Positive Affirmations

There are many people who have changed their lives using affirmations. Louise Hay is one such person. She was a motivational speaker who suffered many things in her life before she passed away. But she used affirmations to become successful as she taught others how to do affirmations.

Other people such as Tony Robbins also is a teacher of how to do affirmations for changing your state of mind. However, Tony says, you have to use your body to make a more stern change. He states if you say your affirmations while changing your physiology they will be more effective. Tony tells his students to do things like reach out in the sky, move their hips, and while saying and learning how to do affirmations yell them with more power. Even jump up and down if you have to.

It’s doing things like this that will help you change situations.

How To do Affirmations

Affirmations are usually a phrase of words that anyone can use. They are usually positive and thought-provoking.

For instance, let’s say you want to attract wealth into your life. What you need to do is come up with some positive phrases that you need to say over for about 5-10 minutes on a daily basis.

So for wealth attraction when considering how to do affirmations, we would come up with statements like.

  1. I will make more money this year
  2. I will attract wealth and money into my life
  3. I am positive wealth will happen to me
  4. Every day I am attracting more money

You then need to repeat these words in a positive way. It’s best if you can say them aloud and do something to move your body in a manner that supports the phrase.

So if you are saying out loud one of the affirmations, do something like raise your hands in the air behind your head and then throw your hands in front of your body as you say the phrase.

Do this over and over again for at least 5 minutes stating the positive affirmation. This is the biggest secret to learning how to do affirmations.

You will then want to do this on a daily basis until your brain starts to believe in what you are saying. After some time you will start to notice a change and your thinking.

Success, health and your dreams can be yours if you speak the right language and focus on making the difference you want.

looking in the mirror how to do affirmations

Use The Mirror And Positive Affirmations

One thing you can do to help tie your actions and your brain is to look in the mirror as you say these affirmations. Doing this will help to change your bad limiting belief.

Your you actually see yourself performing the affirmation it can have a hugely positive effect and can even speed up the change.

Just remember, you have to want to change your belief with every statement you make. But don’t worry, because with practice will come real results when you really learn how to do affirmations.