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7 Affirmations Benefits

Todd Jirecek

Affirmations are a great thing and can really help just about anyone who really wants to succeed. They are powerful statements that can help reprogram your mind. Although they do not work instantly, they have a compounding effect overtime. You need to be prepared to put in the work before you see the full benefits.  

You will also want to add conviction and use your physical body making them more of an incantation to fully work.

They may take sometime to work but as you do them, you will notice things like your focus and mental attitude are much better than before.    

affirmations benefits

Here are 7 benefits. 

Actually getting motivated

The one thing affirmations can actually do for you is get you motivated and help you stay there. When you plan to make it in life and do things to actually succeed, you develop a sense of purpose. It is this sense that then actually makes you follow through with things. 

It’s been said that the one half of success is just showing up and affirmations can do that for you. After you have been saying them for a while your body and mind will take over and keep you doing the things you want to do.  

But it’s important to remember, sometimes we stop doing what was working. But, that’s ok, realize it and then start up again where you left off. That’s the benefits of affirmations, you can always restart again and gain back your motivation.

Think of an aeroplane, it is always going back and forth while it’s flying in the sky and there may be some turbulence and rain. But the plane gets to its destination and lands on a dime. This means make sure you realize you are not perfect but, can easily make things happen again.    

Gaining Self Belief

Self belief is important as it can help keep you motivated to get where you want to be. And affirmations overtime can help you gain true self belief and stomp on any feelings of inadequacy you may be having.  

Help With Stress

We are all trying to get relief from stress daily. With everything going on in the world like Covid it’s no wonder. And stress is the number one killer in the world, so it important you learn how to deal with it. And affirmations can help you put stress where it belongs, and that is out of your mind.   

Better Confidence

The one thing many people are looking for is better self confidence. And, affirmations can help you achieve this. Having good self-confidence can help you be more assertive in life and have self assurance in your abilities. And, when you have a good self worth you become more of a success.    

Better relationships

Our relationships in life are very important. They can make us feel all kinds of ups and downs in life and truly influence our daily well being. When you are more positive in your own mind, you can have better relationships with others. And these include people you interact with daily not just the ones you love.   

A positive outlook

Your outlook is super important if you want to feel good every day in your life. The positive outlook is kind of like a map in your life allowing you to do the things you want to do. Affirmations will help you get rid of any negative self-talk and achieve your positive outlook.

And when we have a good outlook on life, you feel much better and realize abundance is clearly all around you.  

Affirmations open your eyes and see things you did not before.    

Law of attraction

By repeating information is over and over daily you develop manifestations and the law of attraction. The repetition of affirmations will allow you to achieve this. The more positive you are in your life the more you attract better situations, people and things. 

All of this will help you stay focused and achieve your goals, sometimes a lot faster than you thought possible.

Some people see significant results in their life because they no longer worry about things that stopped them from reaching their goals.  

Some have even started from nothing and saw small positive changes like getting a new job or car.  

This all happens because you believe in yourself more and more. And the best thing about the human mind is you start to fully replace the bad with good and will never go back to where you were.  

Affirmations can truly work wonders in anyone’s life, you just have to get started and keep practicing daily.        

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