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success leaves clues

Todd Jirecek

success leaves clues and if you look hard enough, you will find out what you can do with them. Success is one of those things that you want so badly. But sometimes it seems to elude many people and they try as hard as they can. But are they really using the resources they have to their advantage? Many times, no, they are not.

So, what you have to look for is clues in what other successful people have done. And if you can surround yourself with these types of people, you can then learn a ton about success.

The Success Of Others

If you read books or even the internet you will see many people who are a success. The best part is you can read all about their story and how they overcame bad odds in many cases. Many of there people were not from rich families or anything. Many of them are self made people who figured out how to make money and be successful.

So pick someone who was able to succeed in an area you want to be successful in. And read all you can on the internet about their story. Pay attention to how they did things, what they overcame and when they become successful.

Study all you can. Also look at their after story about what they did when they looked back.

For example, I am interested in making money from websites and I found a guy named Mike Rogers. Mike makes many websites and makes affiliate income. So what I did was study what all Mike has done with his business. And I found he has multiple sites and makes money from ads and Amazon affiliate program.

Mike released several videos about his journey and how he made $40,000 a month. And the number one thing I found was Mike started writing articles while he was a truck driver.

He eventually wrote more articles and hired writers for his business. So this tells me I have to work hard in the beginning and then scale later on with other writers.

So I learned alot just by checking everything Mike did, watched all his video and read many of his articles. I also learned that it will be alot of work especially in the start.

I know that if I was out of work I could maybe write 10 articles a day for 14 days and have 140 done in this time. I would also have to send backlinks to the site as well. But if I could accomplish this, I would be well on my way to making good money.

So, if there is something you want to get done find someone who has already done it.


Once you find someone to follow and study you will need a plan to get things together and accomplish what you want. This is another thing you need to look at. Did they have a plan they followed when they were starting?

Get yourself a plan book or even a notebook and start writing down your plan about what you want to do. Take note of how long it may take you to get things done and how much work you will have to put in.

So for instance, I was the managing director of a company called Bullymax. And in the start I would work many 16 to 18-hour days. in that time I could get that company from $300,000 a year to $1.5 million a year in the first year. Sure this was a ton of work and hours but it payed off and made the owner rich.

So I figured if I was able to do that for my own website then I could get a ton of articles done in a brief period. Do you think I could have accomplished with Bullymax what I did if I didnt work all those hours? Probally not. Working all those hours, I could get many things done. I had a relationship go bad anyway, so I figured why not just work and help me get over the relationship? Yes, it worked well but I do not say this is for everyone to do. That many hours is hard to do specially when you are older. But just imagine what you could do if you did that for one year.

And of course I made a plan along the way as I was working. In fact I would work on my plan daily in the morning when I woke up. Yes, there were many times I would get up and work at 7am and not quit until 2am. And sometimes I would take cat naps during the day to stay rested.

Following the Success Plan

Now that you know what someone did to accomplish a great task and you have a plan its time to follow that plan. One thing you need to understand is that your plan will continually change many times over and over. Get used to that and you will be better off. It’s the element of surprise that messes most people up because these things happen out of the blue.

So at least weekly you will want to go over your plan and make changes. It’s kind of like flying an aeroplane. The plane never follows a direct path it always goes back and forth until it lands on a dime.

Write your goals in your plan form an entire year month by month. And then make meetings with yourself so you go over the plan.


Just by taking a look into what someone else has done you can learn how to acomplish what it is you set out to do. Read all you can about what they did during the time of becoming a success. And if yo umake a plan and follow it then you too can be as successful as they are.

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