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Affirmations Goals

Todd Jirecek

You should have some affirmations goals set when you are practicing affirmations. You can set up milestone goals in a notebook or something similar. Having and reaching your goals is important to seeing your progress. This way, you can go back and see exactly where you were at a certain point. And it just might make you feel good knowing you have come a long way and increased your chances of success with affirmations.

Setting Daily Goals

Daily goals are important so you can make sure you are practicing your affirmations every day. You might set daily goals to say only a few certain affirmations for a week and then change it up.

Weekly Affirmation Goals

Setting weekly goals can help you keep on track and make sure you practiced your affirmations for the week. Every week you should look back and reflect on what you did for the week. Did you say all the affirmations you wanted too?

Monthly goals

Monthly goals will give you a complete overview of what you did for affirmations for the month. Its very important to reflect on what you did for the month. This way you can look back and see if affirmations are making a difference in your life. This monthly goal is the one you want to fully pay attention to as this will truly show you how you are progressing.

You can measure these every month and see month by month what you are doing. Sometimes a month might not be what you though it was and these goals can help you figure out why.

Yearly Affirmations Goals

The yearly goals allows you to fully see what you accomplished for the year. This is the true progress of your affirmations. Always look at the yearly goals and break them down by month and even week. Look for trends where you didn’t maybe practice correctly or a weak month. This way you can see if there was a certain month like say summer where you didn’t do your affirmations as much. Check and see what maybe got in the way and see if you can do better next time.

Reflecting on these goals is one of the best things you can do for your affirmations program. You should always have goals in everything you do and affirmations are no different.

Setting Other Goals

The above goals we covered are just goals for making sure you stick to the program. There are other goals you will want to accomplish as well. These may be relationship, financial, work and more. Lets take a look at these goals and see what you can really accomplish with affirmations.

Financial Goals

Financial is always one of the biggest things people want to talk about. Everyone wants money and learn how to get it. Maybe you want more money at a job or maybe you want to start a business that makes good money. Either way you will want to say financial affirmations. This is what the law of attraction is all about. Believing in yourself and that you can attract wealth. Just make sure to say pure financial affirmations. These can be as simple as “I attract wealth everyday”. Finance is such an important part of peoples lives, so you will want to make sure you cover these daily in your program.

Relationship goals

Everybody wants a better relationship with coworkers, family, friends and more. You can set these affirmation goals and add them to your program. So your affirmations here could be simple “I love my family and they love me” type affirmations. Relationships are so important to each of us. They can make or break peoples lives sometimes. Did you ever notice when all your relationships are going good so is your life? Make it a part of your program.

Work Goals

Many people either want a better job or they want to make more money. Saying work affirmations are great to spruce up your career. Your work life is so important because that is what fuels your financial well being.

Work out goals

So maybe you want to lose weight or just be in better shape. Work out affirmations are essential to these and more. This has much more to do with just working out. Losing weight and being in shape can help you feel so much better and change your life. And the best part is you could be saying these affirmations while you are doing things like walking.

Friendship goals

Are you the type who usually sits around the house and really doesn’t do much. This is where having friendship affirmation goals can come into play. Just saying these affirmations can help you find new friends where you can have fun.

Business Goals

Maybe you want to start a business but are afraid. Business affirmation goals can help you get to where you need to be. A business is a hard thing to start and as you do it it gets only harder. But saying affirmations like: ” I am making progress in my business”, can go a long way helping you get to where you want to be.

Living Goals

With living goals you may want a better place to live and sometimes this can be in or out of your means. But when you combine financial affirmations goals with living you can find the place of your dreams.

As you can see there are a ton of goals you can set for affirmations. The key is writing them down and actually doing them. Try to stay on only a couple affirmation topics at one time. Doing too many at once can confuse your brain.

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