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can affirmations make you rich?

Todd Jirecek

Many people wonder can affirmations make you rich? The simple truth is they can if you practice them daily and follow a regimen of being positive. Affirmations are one of those things that can help you on the path to success. But, believe in yourself and they can go a long way.

Staying Positive

Many people are negative every day. They complain about things and really never get anything done. But, what if you could stay positive and get better at it every single day. Could you imagine what you could actually accomplish in your life? Many people have overcome great obstacles by just staying positive. Sure, it can be hard to stay positive like this everyday. But, this is where practice comes in. It’s like anything else, if you put in the time you will get better at it. And then one day a month goes by and then you realize you are better at being positive.

Practice Everyday

Just like anything else, you need to exercise with affirmations on a daily basis. Just like going to the gym builds muscle so does practicing affirmations daily. In the beginning it can be hard to stick with it as it is with working out. But overtime you will start to see results little by little.

One thing is you don’t want to set your expectations too high. Don’t force yourself if you cannot get them done that day. It may take months for the affirmations to kick in your mind. Remember you have a lot to undo up there and it doesn’t happen overnight.

This is why daily practice is so important. Even if you miss a day it might seem you have taken a step back. But do not look at it in that way. Just see it as a day you missed and make it up the next day.

Keeping A Journal

Not only do you want to keep a journal filled with your thoughts but a calendar marking the days you said affirmations is helpful

Keeping your thoughts down as you progress is important so you can see where you were and how far you have come. You will be bale to go back in time and see just how you were. And that can make you feel great by seeing your progress.

You can buy a journal at any drug store or just use a simple notebook. Just make sure the book is strong enough so it doesn’t get ruined overtime.

Use Money Affirmations

Ok, so you want to be rich or at least wealthily. So, what you need to do is use money affirmations daily. These can be simple or even more complex. So you can use statements like:

  • I am rich beyond my dreams
  • I am going to be wealthy beyond my dreams
  • I attract money everyday
  • Making money is easy for me
  • Money finds me through my actions daily
  • I will take action to make money

Saying affirmations like this is what is going to lead you down the path to success. Always think in terms of money when saying your affirmations. If you do this daily you will start to attract wealth. The reason is because you will start to see opportunities you didn’t see before. Then all you need to do is take action on them.

Seeing Opportunity

As I said once you start saying affirmations daily you will start to see new opportunity. It will start to jump out at you as you progress. AS before you really were not paying attention to things so you couldn’t take action. You have to first see it and then take action.

Taking Action

Ok so you see opportunity now. So, what you need is to start taking action when you see it. It could be something simple as making a buck or two or making hundreds. Train your self to take the action needed.

Make sure you think about it as well. For instance you don’t want to invest a ton of money you don’t have just because something looks like a good opportunity.

Thinking Smart

See the opportunity and taking action is only part of the success you can have. You also need to think smart about things. Do not make rash decisions without taking the time to think about them as well. Always ask a friend or someone you trust to look over what it is you see. Having a 2nd party look at things can help you to see what it really is.

Learn From Others.

Another thing you need to do is surround yourself with others who have become what you want to be. You see we kind of become who we hang around with. And always remember misery loves company. So, if you find people who have achieved what you want and start hanging out with them. You will start to see a whole different world in time.

And these people can teach you everything you need to know about being wealthy beyond your dreams. It might take some time but you will start to gain all their knowledge in time.

Subscribe to Success Groups

Another area you may want to look at is success groups. You can find these groups all over Facebook and the internet. These are like minded people who are either successful or wanting to be a success themselves.

You will want to interact with these people and read their posts in the group. Some of these people can be really good at what they do and they post a ton of good information.


So in the end you are asking can affirmations make you rich? We believe the answer is yes. With proper daily practice in time you will be good at them and you mind will start to change. Always workout your mind like you would any muscle group in your body.

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