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my wife yells at me

Todd Jirecek

If you say my wife yells at me, then you might want to think about why that is. Is there a good reason for yelling? Are you not taking out the trash or mowing the lawn?

The point is there can be many reasons a wife yells at a husband. This can also be abuse on the wife’s part. The thing you have to do is really sit down and ask yourself why this is happening? Is it you or is it her? So lets take a look at the reasons why this might be happening.

Are you in a long term marriage?

Marriage can be one of those things, especially if you have been married for a while. As they say the romance may be gone. Asl yourself have you really taken the time to be romantic with your wife? Have you bought her flowers? Have you taken her to dinner recently? If the answer is no, then you may want to rethink the marriage.

Would it help if you started doing these things for your wife? Think about what she has told you in the past. Are you messing up somewhere?

If you are try to reintroduce the romance by doing the things she loves. Take her to a movie and dinner. Make her feel special.

Are you just being Lazy?

Many husbands do not even realize it but they sometimes become lazy and do not get the things done that they need to. This can make a wife extremely upset.

Are you not getting your house chores done? Take the time to reflect and see what you are not doing and make a plan to start doing the things what would make your wife happy again.

Are you doing too much?

Sometimes the opposite can be true and you can be doing too much. The problem is you may forget to take care of your wifes needs while getting too much done. Again, listen to what you wife has told you in the past. Really sit down and think about it. If you need to write things down on paper so you can actually see it.

Are you yelling Back?

Yelling back at someone actually has no purpose. All it does is create a hostile environment. If you wife is yelling and you want to yell back stop and do not do it. This is actually the beginning of a relationship that will end sooner rather than later.

You have to ask yourself if you yell back what will it accomplish? Usually it just makes the couple argue more and can lead to a darker place.

When she is yelling do not get upset. Try and remain calm so you can see the situation for what it is.

Actually Listening

Many husbands do not listen to their wives and actually miss so much they are saying. Always make sure to give her your full attention so you understand her better.

Its easy to blow off what she is saying and not listen. But doing this can lead you to being in hot water later on down the road.

If you love her you will take the time to listen to what she is telling you. Many times a wife will say things and they wont be direct. This can leave you figuring out what she is saying. But, just ask her what she means if you don’t understand.

Listening is an important skill you need to develop in a marriage. After that its understanding and taking massive action to what you wife tells you. You may have a super busy life and it may be hard to really listen. Not listening is one of the biggest reasons couple end up in divorce.

Is this just abuse?

Sometimes the actual sad truth is a wife yelling can be a form of abuse. There are many narcissist women out there and some who have issues such as borderline personality disorder. It could also be that your wife is just mean and yells because of that.

Either way you have to figure out if its abusive or not. If you wife is pulling many different things like not coming home to spend time with you are always gone and she yells it’s possible its abusive.

Speak with a counselor so you can understand better what it is you are going through. Many times it may be hard to get away from a toxic abusive person. And this could have to do with your own self esteem. This is why speaking to someone is so important.

And it may take a few sessions to fully understand everything. But either way they can help you fully realize what you may need to do in a situation like this.

If a wife is yelling and hitting you, then you need to do something about this behavior. Staying in the relationship can be detrimental to your health.

However, just because your wife has some personality issues does not always mean the relationship cannot work out. Someone who is willing to get help for their issues can go a long way in saving a relationship. The problem is getting that person to accept the fact that they have a problem and need help.

Is your wife under pressure

Many times a wife can have a demanding career that demands so much it can put a huge amount of pressure on them. Anyone with pressure from a job can yell at the smallest things. Take the time to understand what is going on in your wife’s life at work can help you understand how to better cope with what she is going through. Always sit down and try to talk things out before yelling.

Does she still love you

It can be one of the hardest things to accept but your wife may be out of love with you. This could of happened from time together or maybe they didn’t like things about you anymore.

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