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success looks different for everyone

Todd Jirecek

success looks different for everyone in every situation. Some people think success is money and others think its having great friends. Some also think having a splendid marriage is the meaning of success. So, you need to figure out what success means to you and really think about it. Does success mean something different for you?

Money as Success

Money is usually the number one success for many people. They think the more money that have the more successful they are. But sometimes money isn’t really a success at all. Sometimes, as they say, money can be the root of all evil. It can change people faster than anything on the face of the earth.

Yes, money can have a terrible side and cause people to be evil, conceded and more. But when treated with respect, money can be an excellent thing. It can buy you many things that are needed and or wanted.

You have to invest money in order for it to grow. If you don’t invest it properly, then it will not do its job for you.

Being Loved

For many people being loved good is a huge success for them. Love is important for all people and being loved good can make you feel good. It can also cause you to act like a child sometimes but that can be in a good way.

Love is the one thing that people really want and some never get it. Being loved has many traits, like honesty and being loyal. these are all things that go along with love.

Having a Business

For some having a proper business is a success trait for them. Its not only means they will make good money it means that they are also their own boss and can do more of what they want. A successful business means freedom to many people and freedom makes people feel good. They don’t want to be locked into a job where they are slaving for a boss.

A business can also be a tremendous responsibility as well. This can be another sense of accomplishment for some.

A real Relationship

For many a real successful relationship is the ultimate thing they can have in life. A relationship can make you feel loved and more if they are good. This is why many songs written in rock and country are all about love and relationships. A relationship gone bad can really make people feel down and out and really hurt. I recently went through a breakup with a woman I loved very much and it really hurt me because she ended it with me. After the relationship ended I could clearly see all the things I did wrong. And let me tell you that really hurts when you see it.

And there are different relationships. There is love, business and friend relationships. And each one of these has different standards and goals.

Having A Job

For many just having a job makes them feel successful at the end of the day. A job means stability and money. These alone can make many feel like they are a success. Just the feeling of getting up and going to work feels good. Especially if you have been out of a job for sometime.

While there is really no job security these days a good job is very important to make you feel good.

Owning a Home

Owning a home is a true success for some. Just the shear thought of owning a home can be a good feeling for many. Having a home means success and that you can do things on your own. A home is also a lot to take care of. There is yard work and maintenance that has to be done. And many people feel good doing it

Working Out To a substantial body

Working out is something many people do. But only a few really take it to the limits and develop a fantastic body. Having this great body is what success is to some. You feel better when you workout and you look better. All this leads to better confidence and sometimes a much better life.

Sure you have to spend a lot of time working on that body but in the end you will feel much better and be proud of yourself.

Alone Time

There are those that look at an alone time as being successful. Being alone can have its advantages where you can get many things done. Like right now I am writing this article and I am alone. I am not a person who always likes to be alone but its allowing me to get this article done.

Being Happy

If there is one thing that people really want and that’s to be happy. Now happiness can come from many things and it all depends on the person. Being happy can be many things combined like a good job and a great relationship. Its all these things together that can make someone happy. Think about it, if you are making good money and have a great marriage, great kids and more then its easy for someone to be happy.

Success looks different for everyone. That’s because everyone has a different feeling of what makes them successful. For some its really simple stuff and others is more complex. Just remember that getting and keeping success are two different things. And each one will have its complexities.

Sometimes we each go through hurt and make bad decisions. But the best part is you can always come back from where you are. If you figure out what really makes you happy and what it means to be a success then you can feel much better in your life.

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