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affirmations for beginners

Todd Jirecek

If you are looking to change your life then this article about affirmations for beginners is great for you. Affirmations are something anyone can do daily. And when done for a decent amount of time, you can really change your life in many ways you never thought possible.

Affirmations work by helping your brain to change and start thinking in a more positive manner. It takes the human brain 7-13 times to make something a habit and affirmations are no different. This is their power in saying them over and over again. Your brain will actually trust in what you are telling it. And many people start to see things in their life change for the better.

So here is what we know about affirmations and what you can do with them to make positive changes in your life.

Understand Your Brain

Now we won’t go into a whole brain session here. Just understand that the human brain can work like a muscle. If you feed it positive things daily it will then start to pick up on those things and believe them. I’m sure there is much more you can understand about the brain. But just know that you can help to make changes.

Affirmations On A Daily Basis

Affirmations need to be practiced daily in order for them to work properly. Sure you can sometimes take breaks from doing them just like you can with working out. But you will need to restart again soon. And the best part is it doesnt even really take that much time in your day. You can practice them right when you first get out of bed in only 5-15 minutes. Or you can even do them while you are meditating at night.

The point is it doesn’t even really take that long to do them to have them help change your life.

When Will I see Change?

This can vary from person to person. And it can all depend on what you have gone through in your life. Let’s say you just went though a bad breakup which can be very painful. Saying affirmations might take a little longer in this instance. They say it can take a full year to get over a breakup. Saying affirmations can help speed up to process however.

Some people can see change in as little as a month while others can take 6 months to a full year to see positive results. The important part is to not give up until you start to see some changes in your life.

Will will start to think differently and be more positive about things. This is how you know your brain is changing itself.

When is The best time to practice?

This is truly up to you when you want to perform affirmations. Some people find that after breakfast can be a really good time to say them while others think that right before bed is better. It really just depends on you and when you feel most comfortable practicing them.

You may have to try things at different times and see how it goes for you. Then after a few times doing so you can determain exaclty when the best time for you to say affirmations is.

Pick A Quiet place

When you are saying affirmations you want to make sure there are no distractions in the room. Do your best to find a quiet room you can say affirmations. Some people even go for a walk in the woods or just walk down the street saying them. Is there a certain time when a place is empty for you. Then make that your practice time in the certain place.

When you have a nice quiet place to say affirmations then you can take them in more and really feel what they can do for you.

Use a Mirror

You can always use a mirror when saying affirmations. Always look at yourself in a positive light and say your affirmations with your eyes open. This will help your brain to connect good thoughts and patterns.

Tell yourself you can do this or you got this type affirmations while in the mirror. Doing this on a daily basis will help.

Set Goals

Always set goals when doing affirmations. This way you can look and see the progress you are making during the weeks and months. Its funny just how much you can progress when you see exactly how you did it.

These goals are very important so make sure you do not overlook them.

Affirmations are one of those things where it can take time to see change. So you have to keep at it as the months go by. But in time, you will notice you really have made good progress.

You can do wonderful things like quitting smoking, losing weight and even finding your dream job with affirmations. Just know that completing these things can take time and dedication. So you are here now and you will be in the same place 6 months later. Wouldnt it be great if you took the time to say these affirmations and see how you can progress? It can be a wonderful thing if you let it be.

Affirmations for beginners can be hard at first to get used to but if you stay with it you can see everlasting change in your life.

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