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The Most Important Relationship You Have is with Yourself

Todd Jirecek

Many times, we have a fear that impedes our success. Therefore, your most important relationship you have is with yourself. Think about this for a second. If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you?  

Many people are angry and they don’t take care of themselves like they should. But, if you are looking to be successful is something like business. Then, you need to take care of yourself, forgive yourself and look out for number 1. No one is going to ever see things the way you can about yourself. 


Taking time out to practice things like meditation can help to heal your mind and achieve inner balance. It also helps with many other things like your breathing patterns, easing stress, and more.  

Meditation can also help you achieve lower blood pressure.  

It can take a while of practicing to get to a state where it truly helps you. But overtime it can be one of the best times you give yourself.

Learn To Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can be hard for anyone. Especially with everything happening in the world today like Covid and more. And, if you seem angry and cannot enjoy life, then maybe you are just not as aware of what you need as you should be.  

Therefore, trying hard to learn how to love yourself is very important for everything in our lives. When you love yourself, it can help along your relationships, business deals and more.  

Get Fit

Exercise is a fantastic way to not only weight loss and physical wellbeing, it can also help you feel better about many things. Many people just set out to lose weight by eating less and nothing more. But our bodies were designed to move. So, go out there and start with your doctor first, but then go for it. Whatever it is you like, maybe walk or lifting weights.  

Even as we age, we can all benefit from a good exercise program and feel better in our minds.  

Setting Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is a huge key to success and living good. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, it can help you establish knowing what your limits are with others. This also helps you be more assertive in certain situations.  

Many people will just go along with the flow because they worry they don’t want to upset someone, having a problem with something.  

Bouncing Back From Things

When you have self love, you tend to bounce back from things a lot faster.  You develop a resilience for situations and move on. You also tend to rely less on what others think and think for yourself. If you have a difficult situation then you can you become more resilient to the situation and bounce back faster.  

Just Being Happy

You hear many people talk about it all the time.  They talk about being happy in their life.  And, if you malke the most important relationship you have is with yourself then happiness will come.  

If you’ve ever been in a bad breakup with someone, they talked about happiness.  And weather you weren’t the right person for them or whatever really doesn’t matter.  Maybe they counsel’t find happiness with you. Its not a true reflection on you, its really them.  

But over all making yourself happy is the most important thing you can do. 

Having Total Self Confidence

Self confidence is so important for anyone in life.  When you have it life is better and you get more things done. You have more trust in your abilities and magic seems to happen.  

People with high self confidence seem to take more risks than those who have less of it.  And calculated risks equal great rewards from your goals.  

Some people just seem to be born with high self confidence but, there are those who have worked at. And, achieved hig success in their lives.  

And of course, much of this depends on your past experiences being good or bad.  But, just look at a classic rags to riches story.  They worked on their confidence and took massive action. 

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

If you’ve ever watched interviews with Billionair moguls, they all tend to say the same thing.  Surround yourself with positive uplifting people who are successful. It’s true if your friends are more down in the dumps type of people, you may want to limit your content with them.  Especially if you are working on a good positive relationship with yourself.  

Join groups and seek out those who are going to understand what it is your trying to do.

Making Your Plan To Be And Stay Happy

Did you ever really think about what would truly make you happy?  If not, its a question you should take some serious time to ponder.  Take the time to understand your core values, your thought process, what you love doing and more. 

Then write it all done on paper so you can start to plan your life.  People tend to live a life and don’t really ever design their life.  Life is full of so much opportunity if you take the time to see it and plan for it.

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