Morning Affirmations

Starting your day out right with positive morning affirmations is a wonderful way to ramp yourself up for success. After all your body and mind are more able to get the idea of change with positive thoughts in the morning more than any other time.

What you really want to do before you get any coffee or have any food in the am is to stimulate your mind. Make yourself get out of bed and start by saying your affirmations and once you’re done you can be on your way to a healthy and happy day.

Positive thinking is a learned trait you have to practice.  And as with anything else, the more you practice the better you will get.  And in this case, the more your mind will want to change.  

How To Start Every Morning

You may start your day doing some Yoga or meditation as these can stimulate your mind. After all, this is how Guru’s like Anthoney Robbins starts his day.

As you can see from the video Tony puts his body into everything when says his morning affirmations. This is called using your physiology and brain together. You want to master your mind before you master anything else. If you do this everything else will follow.

So find a quiet room in your living space and use a mat if you have to. Then begin by saying your positive thoughts and affirmations for success, all the while putting your body into it. You could raise your hands in the air while making your statements. Or you could even jump up and down and you say them. The point is you want to put some action into everything you do and say.

The reason for taking action is your brain will make an association with the action you take while saying your affirmations.  

If you have been the kind of person who has many negative thoughts, you have to remember, it will take some time to change your thought process.  But by adding in movement it can make the process quicker.  

What Affirmations Do I Say?

This is a big one for many people as they have no idea what to start saying when they practice these. Don’t worry we have put together a full list for you of morning affirmations.

But, you can just as easily say your own. What you want to do here is to think of the things you want to accomplish. Do you want to make more money? Do you just want a better life overall? Do you need to overcome a bad situation? Whatever it is always think of the positive side of every situation no matter if it’s bad or what.

And then you can start coming up with your affirmation sayings and maybe even add on to them as you go. And remember, do not give up too soon before seeing results. Sometimes things can take time before the brain changes.

Morning Affirmations Tips

  • Start in a quiet room with decent lighting so you can get the power of the sun. 
  • Use headphones and turn on an affirmations video or something like ocean waves. 
  • Keep going and give yourself time to change.

Your Daily Affirmations

  • Love is coming my way
  • I am full of love and passion
  • Today will be a great day like no other day
  • I am filled with power for the day
  • Today is sunny and bright and it will be great
  • I am grateful for my life and everyone in it
  • Today I will be happy and fullfilled
  • My confidence is super high today
  • Today I will be rewarded
  • I can do whatever I put my mind too
  • Simple and good things will happen to me today
  • I am filled with peace and calm today
  • I am very healthy today and everyday
  • I can overcome anything that comes my way today even any challenge
  • People look to me to feel good
  • Every ounce of my body will get things done today
  • Today I will not fret, it will be an adventure
  • My positive attitude will make me new friends
  • My body is alive and well today
  • Today will be the best day of my life