Incantations for Success: 10 Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life

Good morning! It’s 4:00 am, and you’re wide awake. No need to worry because you’ve got some incantations for success to help get your day going on the right foot. These are much more than just positive affirmations for work.

You might be wondering what incantations are, and why they would have anything to do with your success? Well, incantation is a term used in magic spells or rituals that derive from Latin roots meaning “to speak” or “to chant.”

incantations for success

Incantations can be seen as the words of power that will make your wishes come true. If you want more money, fame, love – whatever it is – then these 10 will help bring them to fruition! They are a powerful skill.

In this blog post, we will discuss incantations for success are and how and when to use them.

What is the difference between affirmations and incantations?

The difference between an affirmation and an incantation is that affirmations are a motivational technique that you can use to change your thoughts and beliefs.

Whereas incantations for success are words or phrases used in magic spells to produce a specific effect on the world around them, which is what they do for success as well.

An affirmation would be “I am beautiful.” Whereas an incantation may be using your body language to make a specific request, such as “I am beautiful. I deserve the best.”

When is it best to do Them

The best time to do incantations is in the morning.

Doing them in the morning will give you a head start on your day and allow you to be successful throughout it.

For example, one of my favorite incantations is “I am ready.” I say this every morning because it’s empowering me for success by putting myself out there with confidence that good things are going to happen all day long.

Moreover, doing an incantation first thing in the morning will get rid of any negativity from yesterday before starting fresh so that today can be amazing!

Some other examples include: “My power knows no bounds,” “Good luck and don’t let go” or even simply saying “Thank You!” for everything positive as well as what we want.

How Often Should I Do Incantations For Success?

You should do incantations for success every day until you feel like you’ve reached your desired level of success. Even then, when you reach your success it still helps to say and do incantations daily.

Does Tony Robbins Use Incantations

Yes, Tony Robbins does use them. He even created a course on how to use incantations called “Unleash the Power Within”.

The Tony Robbins website is unapologetic about their stance that if you want success, you need to be willing and open-minded enough to incorporate all aspects of your life into it including physical activity, emotional stability, and mental wellbeing. Incantations are just one tool in his arsenal for success.

What Do I Actually Do To Perform Incantations?

To perform an incantation you have to use your physiology while saying an affirmation. So for instance, when you are saying out loud, “today is my day”. You will want to jump up and down, clap your hands.

The idea is that by using these incantations for success you will have an emotional response to this affirmation which is what’s going to result in success for the day. Then take a deep breath–hold it for three seconds before release. Repeat until the desired effect. These are just some ideas of how you can use incantations; there are plenty more where those came from!

Here’s something interesting about Tony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power- he talks about or shares personal stories with other successful people who all used words to get where they wanted to be.

What Are More Incantation Examples?

Below are some examples of incantations you can use daily.

Here are also some rituals to perform: Remember you have to move for it to be an incantation.

Morning Ritual #1: Wake up and repeat to yourself, “I am now beginning a new day. I have the power to create my world as I want it.”

Morning Ritual #2: Take five deep breaths before you get out of bed in the mornings. This will help oxygenate your body and make you feel more energized for the day ahead. Breathe deeply from your abdomen, fill your lungs with air until they are full, hold for three seconds then exhale slowly through pursed lips so that no air is wasted or left inside your body. Repeat this cycle at least eight times each time you wake up during the weekdays start off by doing two sets of these deep breathing exercises.

Morning Ritual #3: Write down one thing you are grateful for every morning and read your list before bed at night. This will help start your days on a happy note, which in turn leads to more success!


– I am now beginning a new day.

– I have the power to create my world as I want it.

– I am healthy and happy.

– I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

– My thoughts are pure, my words are creative, my deeds are wise, and the world is good for me.

– Today will be better than yesterday because today I have learned from it! The future will be better than today because tomorrow starts with how well I close out this day.”

– “I have the power to create my world as I want it.”

Other incantations you can say are:

– I am now beginning a new day.

– Today is the first day of my life! The past has gone and tomorrow’s not yet here, so all that exists for me at this moment in time are these precious moments called ‘now’.

– “I have the power to create my world as I want it.”

… you can think of more incantations on your own too 🙂

If you like morning rituals that actually work (and don’t take a lot of time) then make these part of your routine! All 10 incantations mentioned come directly from Tony Robbin’s book called Unlimited Power.


As you can see they are powerful and if you do them first thing in the morning they will help you to get your day off to a great start. They’re also a lot of fun and can really change up your mood for the rest of the day!

I have incantations that I say first thing when my alarm goes off every morning, which is usually between six-seven AM depending on what time zone I’m in at that moment.

The reason why these incantations are so powerful has been explained by Tony Robbin’s book Unlimited Power where he explains how thinking positively about oneself or wishing good things onto someone else starts to create those realities right away – even before we’ve done anything positive ourselves. It sounds farfetched but it’s true!

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