Getting Through a Tough Time: 9 Strategies and Coping Skills

It’s hard getting through a tough time. Coping skills and strategies can make it easier. The first step is identifying what you are feeling so that you can identify the type of coping strategy that will work for you.

Getting Through a Tough Time

There are many different types of coping skills for getting through a tough time or anger – from getting out into nature, to getting involved in a hobby, or even just talking to friends about how they’ve gotten through difficult times themselves. You need to find something that works for YOU!

Getting through a tough time you have to stay positive

If you want to get through a tough time you have reprogram your mind to be positive. Throughout tough times, it is important to maintain a positive outlook.

The best way to stay positive is by doing something that makes you happy and keeps your mind off of the “bad” stuff.

Use affirmations to get through bad times

Affirmations are there for getting through a tough time and when you need them. And, they are especially helpful during bad times. You start by using a positive affirmation for work or whatever the situation is, then you repeat it over and over as often as possible.

For example: “I am so happy to be alive.” This is an affirmation that can help when you’re feeling depressed or anxious.

The more times you say this sentence aloud, the happier and more confident in yourself will feel!

You have to practice them daily and few times a day until they become second nature to you. This is how to do affirmations.

Affirmations are not just for when you’re feeling low, but also great at any time of the day! They can be used as “mental breaks” throughout your daily routine to give yourself some positive reinforcement or even in between sets during a workout session.

Know this bad time will eventually pass

Understand that not all bad times last forever. Usually, they only last about two weeks.

It’s important to remember that when you feel like the bad time will never end and have no idea how to get through it- know that this is simply a temporary feeling and this bad time will eventually pass!

Remember not everything lasts forever.

Keep yourself moving during bad times

Sure, it’s hard to keep your mind off things but make sure you keep moving and getting things done. This will keep your mind off things and make you feel as if you’re getting through a bad time.

If your mind is having a hard time getting off things- try to engage in physical activity such as going for a run, taking up yoga, or just doing anything that will keep your body moving.

Take time off from your problems

Getting through a tough time, you could also use some “mental breaks” throughout your daily routine to give yourself time to rest. Always take time to not think about your current bad situation and to relax. You could do this by taking a walk, reading your favorite book, or watching tv- anything that will take your mind off things for a while!

We all need a break from work so why not also your problems?

Talk to a close friend

Talking is always good especially for getting through a tough time when you have problems going on. Just make sure you set a limit when complaining to your friend. And then ask them if they have any positive ideas on what you might do.

Also, try and see if your friend will meet you somewhere. It’s good to get out of the house and away from your problems for a bit.

Talk to someone who can give you advice, or let them know if they are supporting you! You could also hang out with friends that make you feel good about yourself- maybe not the “problem” people…

It’s important to remember throughout tough times: be kind to others also.

Write things down on paper

If you’re getting through a tough time involve something finances, then take the time to figure out a budget or write down all of the expenses you have. This will help to take some weight off and make things seem less overwhelming!

Also, write down the negatives and positives of the situation. They can help you really see the good things you have going on.

Writing down what is making you stressed can be a way of getting it out and not letting it build up inside so that the stress doesn’t spread to other parts of your life! Remember, writing about stressful events from the past or present can help with mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Start getting exercise going

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to start exercising. For instance, if you are overweight and you know you need to lose it, then it will help you be more motivated to diet and exercise. Or, if you are stressed because of work or school then getting in some sort of physical activity will help make it less stressful for your mind!

It can also provide a great release valve. When we get frustrated with life, our bodies tense up in response (think about when you feel really angry). You have to work at being angry, don’t you?

In fact, it’s much easier on your body to stay positive than it is to be negative. It will help you be a happier person and less stressed.

The bottom line is that getting exercise going should be one of your first priorities when it comes to coping with stress, anxiety, or depression because the benefits are so great for your mental health!

If all else has seemed to fail seek professional help

Professional counselors are there for a reason and can help you get through life’s tough times.

If getting out of bed every day and living your life like a happy person is just too hard to do, seek professional help. It can make all the difference in the world!

And don’t be ashamed to talk to a counselor because they are there to listen and help. They have been through the same thing that you’re going through or just know how it feels because of their own experiences in life

It’s not easy getting through a tough time, but with these strategies and coping skills, you will be able to get by easier than before!

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